DC / True Intentions

by Perspecto




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released October 1, 2013



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Perspecto Poland

Perspecto is a four piece rock band formed back in 2005. The personel is now spread throughout the country although their homeland will always be Grudziądz.

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Track Name: DC
A few years when God did the work, people found out something
Something that eagerly made them want to
To see who’s the chosen one, how colorful he was to be
Was he a writer too, was he a pioneer

You, All stand up, here goes the precious
No beard now Jesus is saint now
I have no other man to call him in and start the prayers
I have to call you bad now
I need to see your face how
I wish to finally make a fool of you, and do I see you in blood??

I think I’ve seen before, your face in the crowd once
Never reluctant too, to drink at a time
That time, time
Falls eyes

I was born again, no flood was seen this time
Should I change the lock, my heart is pumping dust
Sandy storms are now, what people chatter about
I was born again, but wasn’t the lucky one

Just for the record now, to let you know better
I think I’m still on the road, I want to feel happier
Please call me just once again, a second short glance hey
Why should we feel that way, come back as a savior
Track Name: True Intentions
Perfect lullabies, keeping me alive I’m sure he would
Tell me more about, all the things that happened long before
In time, in time
Keeping me alone, with the guesswork I should be aware
Why am I not to hear this true, story

Dressing up with clouds, I believe we both were old enough
Keeping way aside, I was dying to know what you were like
Now I’m old enough, to know your
To know your, to know your
True intentions